Who is Represented in Trans YA?: Some Data on Race

What time is it?? Data time!!

No, not the Star Trek character. This data is all about the racial representation of trans protagonists in YA novels written by trans people and published by independent or Big 5 publishing houses.

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Who is Publishing Trans Ownvoices YA Fiction?: Some Data

Raise your hand if you love data!!

Jump up and down if you love data about young adult fiction!!!

Now floss real quick if you love data about trans representation by trans authors in young adult fiction!!! (I’m talking about the dance, but if you cannot do the dance, you may floss your teeth instead. Although someone recently told me that the American Dental Association said that flossing doesn’t actually benefit your teeth that much, which is wild to me, but okay, I guess I don’t have to feel guilty about my poor flossing habits!)

But I digress.

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