Sensitivity Reading

STATUS: Open for requests!

CURRENT TURNAROUND TIME: 14 business days (M-F). A shorter time frame can usually be accommodated, for an additional fee.

“Extremely quick turnaround and very professional! The notes I received were thorough and a great help not only with regards to creating an authentic character, but also developing the world as a whole.”

“Ray’s work was timely, nuanced, and exceeded my expectations, and I am extremely glad I had a chance to work with them on my novel.”

Please read all the way to the end before contacting me. Thank you!


So what is a sensitivity reader??
A sensitivity reader reads through a manuscript for issues of representation and for instances of bias on the page. The goal of a sensitivity reader isn’t to edit a manuscript for clarity and logic, although that may be an additional service offered. A sensitivity reader reviews a manuscript for internalized bias and negatively charged language. A sensitivity reader is there to help make sure you do not make a mistake, but they are also NOT a guarantee against making a mistake.Writing in the Margins

+ BA in Social Sciences; coursework focused on structural analysis of power, privilege, and oppression, particularly gender and race
+ I completed a three month editorial internship for YES! Magazine, during which I worked closely with both print and digital editors to put out a print magazine and digital articles.
+ I then spent seven months freelance reporting for that same magazine, working closely with editors through multiple drafts of articles
+ I have 3.5 years experience (and counting) working as a writing tutor, an after-school writing teacher, and as a teaching assistant with children ages 6-18
+ I write young adult fiction as well as other fiction and poetry
+ I am an avid reader, primarily in YA and MG
+ I received a 2016-2017 Made at Hugo House fellowship for my writing, which involved monthly workshops of fellows’ writing in which I gave and received feedback
+ I have, at one time or another, held all the identities for which I read.

I provide sensitivity reads for characters who are…
+Trans boys or trans masculine
+AFAB (assigned female at birth) nonbinary people
+AFAB bisexual or queer folks

NOTE: I am white. This means I may not be best positioned, culturally and racially speaking, to read for trans characters of color. You are still welcome to pursue my services, but I highly encourage you to seek someone who is both the race and gender of the trans character you are writing, or find an additional reader who can cover aspects and nuances I might miss.

Categories I read:
+Young adult, any genre
+Middle grade, any genre

I am also open to reading adult fiction of any genre, and other types of projects, but have less experience in those areas. Some other projects I’ve read for include podcast scripts and adult fantasy. Contact me and we can discuss!

I can help you with…
+Description and authenticity of character behaviors, emotions, and experiences
+Stereotypes and generalizations
+Normative assumptions (ie, the assumption that trans people must “look cis” to be valid, or that queer people want to assimilate into straight cultural norms such as marriage/kids/homeowning)
+Worldbuilding in fantasy and contemporary related to gender (such as: how are different genders treated? Is your magic system trans-exclusionary?)
+Nuts and bolts of social and medical gender transition for trans men, trans masculine and AFAB nonbinary folks: social and legal name changes, changing pronouns, coming out, changing appearance through clothing and hair, binding, taking hormones, getting top surgery

How I read:
+One full pass marking both problematic and positive areas as I encounter them
+Reread for marked areas
+Add comments to marked areas noting issue and possible solutions, or expanding on why it is positive
+1-2 page document with big picture notes including what is working and problem areas

Pricing and payment:


RATE IF OVER 15K WORDS: 0.004 cents/word, rounded up to the nearest dollar.

+From individuals, I accept Paypal & Venmo; if contracted for a company, I can accept payment according to the contract
+ From individuals, full payment is expected prior to the rendering of services; from companies, I will accept payment according to the contract
+ Payment is nonrefundable

Terms and conditions:
+ I reserve the right to reject your manuscript with or without reason; the rejection does not signify a personal attack or bias against you, it simply means I am not a fit for your work.
+Your manuscript should be at least a second draft, preferably done with feedback by other writers, either betas or CPs.
+ Following completion of your sensitivity read, I may send you a form for you to provide feedback about your experience working with me. This will include an optional place to provide testimonial for me to use on my site.
+ If I agree to be a sensitivity reader for your manuscript, I will not disclose any information regarding your manuscript to anyone other than pre-approved parties prior to publication. I reserve the right as a reader to critique the text of the finished copy.
+ My service as a sensitivity reader for your manuscript does not constitute an endorsement of your work, a defense against criticism from other parties, or a guarantee that your work is free of any and all problematic content. You may not misuse my name in such contexts.
+ If your manuscript is published, you may include my name in the relevant section of your work.

Did you read the whole thing? Thank you! Please submit your request using the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!