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photo credit: JP Martin

NOTE: Social media DMs are not the best way to contact me. I will not receive your DM unless we are mutuals; please don’t DM me for professional purposes. If you already have my direct email, feel free to use it; otherwise, please use the appropriate channel listed here. Thank you!


These come monthly, and always include one of my photographs, a short personal essay, book updates, and a few arts and culture items I’ve recently enjoyed.
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Literary agent (for rights inquiries, blurb requests, and other publishing-related questions)

Lauren Abramo
Dystel, Goderich & Bourret
labramo at dystel dot com

Publicist (for media, events and ARC inquiries)

Ksenia Winnicki
Abrams Books
winnickipublicity at gmail dot com

Other communications (media and events-related requests can also come here, as well as reader mail; please note that I am not able to respond to reader mail, though I read and appreciate every letter! If you’re looking for sensitivity reads, please go through the contact box on my editorial services page; SR requests that come here will be deleted.)